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Hosted in New ZealandCicada Website Hosting

Cicada Websites are hosted right here in New Zealand.

Our websites are hosted at a New Zealand Based Tier-1 data centre in Auckland's CBD with direct peering with all the major NZ ISPs, which makes the traffic fast.

Key Features include:

  • New Zealand Based Tier-1 data centre (Auckland CBD)
  • Dual high speed, multi-core servers, with 100 Mbps internet hosting
  • High-speed internet connectivity with multiple fibre-optic upstream links.
  • Unlimited New Zealand traffic
  • Raised flooring for optimal airflow distribution.
  • Redundant parallel UPSs,
  • Backup diesel generators.
  • Climate controlled environment.
  • Fire detection system.

Cicada Websites International Hosting

Power DNNOur International hosting is carried out by PowerDNN on servers in the US.