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Mobile Website Optimisation

Mobile OptimisationMore and more people are accessing websites now via mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads.

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It is therefore becoming vitally important that your website is both visible and usable on these devices.

All new Cicada Websites are optimised to be readable on the smallest screens and the links pressable by the biggest thumb!

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So what do you get when we have optimised your website for mobiles.

Basic Mobile Package

We create a mobile page that includes:

  • Minified site logo
  • Large "touch to call" link to your phone number(s)
  • Bullet points of your products and services
  • Large "touch to email" link

We then make the website automatically redirect to you mobile page when visiting the site with a smartphone.

This is included in the Cicada Website Package and can be retro added to your existing Cicada Website for $300 + GST.

Standard Mobile Package

As above with addition of 3 extra pages that could include:

  • Google Map link
  • Minified Contact Us form

Large touch links will be added to navigate between mobile pages and additional automatic device redirects added between relevant mobile and desktop pages.

This can be added to an existing Cicada Website for $600 + GST.

For non-Cicada Websites, please Request a Quote

Complete Mobile Package

We recreate your complete website with a mobile optimised website.

We can build you a custom mobile only website for the same price as the Cicada Website Package.