Cicada Project Management System

Customised Project Management solution to reduce wastage and improve your productivity efficiency accountability .

Who is this for?

This solution is tailored for organisations and businesses with clients and projects requiring multiple visits from staff or teams. These may include:

  • Construction Contractors
  • Landscape Gardeners
  • Horticulture Professionals
  • Property Managers
  • Infrastructure Contractors

This is not an exclusive list. Please Contact Us for more information about whether we have a solution for you.

What do others say?

I assure you, in terms of return on investment for us in particular, I would value Cicada Projects in the high $80 - $90k possibly higher, by way of business generation and risk elimination, every year!

Shane Tate

Shane TateOwner & Manager - Geco Contacting Ltd


How can it help me?

  • Provide real time visibility of project and team progress
  • Add ‘Notes’ with staff and or project specific instructions
  • Produce project or business wide custom reports
  • Written and photographic record of pre and post work
  • Instructions and records for work done and to be carried out can be made visible to clients
  • Generate periodic reports and make available to large client/biz/government that demand them
  • Having SSSAs available for teams to view onsite
  • Having generic safety instructions available onsite eg. spray safety guide
  • Ability for staff to record Accident Reports with preventive measures

Testimonial - Shane Tate from Geco Consulting

The Cicada Project Management System has allowed us to become more efficient in our communication and management of resources.

We are able to review our progress on jobs anytime from anywhere.

The CPM System keeps our team accountable.

Information gathered we use at our weekly management meetings to review: Health and Safety, issues effecting our jobs nationally, issues specific to jobs, productivity, forecasting of resources, budgeting etc.

The information collected on the System is used as a tool when conducting our 6 monthly reviews with our customers providing an audit trail of events and resources used.

The CPM System adds value to our proposals when tendering/quoting for jobs. Our success rate with our quotes has increased.

With the implementation of this system and ability to modify and mould what we need from it the company has taken a big leap in its ability to control its resources and provide a better service to our customers.

The CPM System also gives the company a more professional and innovative profile.

The key elements we initially specified the system had to deliver:

  1. Elimination of paper
  2. Real time information and data
  3. Quick access to historical information
  4. Recording of tasks conducted onsite
  5. Forecasting of job requirements
  6. Photo library by job
  7. Tracking of resources and materials
  8. Accountability

The CPM System has increased our productivity by $743.00 a week (administration and on job site).

Our strike rate on quotes/tenders has increased by 14%

Wastage has decreased to almost “0”

Customer retention is almost 100% (exceptions are sale of property/or due to deceased estate).

Shane Tate - Geco Consulting
Shane Tate - Geco Consulting (

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