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About Us

Cicada Websites was established in 2001 by Andy Davey, a former Royal Navy engineer who realised the potential of the web as a powerful business tool when working as technical manager for a multi-national pneumatics company.

Having built an intranet for the company, then designed and built software which had a dramatic impact on production, he decided that the IT business was far more exciting than pneumatics.

The rest, as they say, is history. Today Andy designs websites from a rural property in Franklin County, south of Auckland.

His philosophy is that websites are not just something pretty to look at. "There's no great mystery about them. Information goes in. It has to be simple to get it out. It’s not just how a website looks, it’s how it works that matters."

Behind the scenes

by Taryn Surgison, QuillMedia. (I would have been far less modest! Andy)

One would expect a typical ‘technogeek’ lurking behind the scenes of such a professional website application development company.  However, do not be alarmed, there is certainly not one lurking at Cicada.  That ‘technogeek’ skin has been well and truly shed. 

Instead, a truly professional, approachable and innovative Andy Davey directs Cicada with the same chic that he (athletically) kicks a football with.  Who could have known that such a person (with knowledge of lots of fancy acronyms – ASP, HTML, ASP.NET, VB.NET, VB6, SQL Server) would be so ‘up with the play’ and so business savvy?

Add to the list, papers in JavaScript, VB Script, Microsoft IIS 6.0, and my SQL and the Masters CIW Designer and CompTIA I-Net qualifications and Andy Davey has transformed from football star into ‘website legend’.

Cicada’s impressive portfolio of clients is testament to his skills in web application development.

Also exempted from ‘technogeek’ status is joint director Kirstin Davey.  She is Andy’s key life and business partner, helping to manage strategic accounts and implement data solutions.

Kirstin has a background in data solutions and analysis and brings core management skills to the Cicada team. 

Andy and Kirstin also work in conjunction with a range of key partners that provide invaluable support.

Our Support

We cannot provide the level of service we strive to achieve for our customers without the invaluable support of our key partners. These are:

Voyager InternetVoyager Internet

Voyager is a well-funded, experienced team that evaluates the latest technology trends to find products that make a positive difference to your business. We help you reduce cost, increase operational efficiency and service to your customers.

Voyager provide ISP services, domain, website and database hosting services to Cicada.

Find out more at

Canary Data SolutionsCanary Data Solutions

Canary has been helping to build better businesses since the start of the century. Canary offers smart services in systems development and integration, IT consultancy and application development.

Canary provide website and database hosting services to Cicada along with priceless support in the latest web technologies.

Find out more at

BNI FranklinFranklin BNI

BNI (Business Network International) is a business and professional referral organisation whose primary purpose is to exchange qualified business referrals and develop word-of-mouth marketing techniques.

Cicada provide website application services for the Franklin BNI chapter.

Find out more at

Red Zebra Studios

Harry Janssen, of Redzebra Studio, is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography and has won numerous awards for his work. Harry has provided Cicada Websites with professional photography and graphic design services on many projects over the last 8 years.

Find out more at

Zoom Technologies

Zoom Technologies vision is to be the leading supplier of quality IT products and services in the Franklin District. They have 15 years combined IT experience in small business and corporate solutions.

Zoom Technologies provide Cicada with valuable support with our critical hardware and networking systems.

Find out more at

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